2017-06-28 Latest Update

FI has disappered and we cant find them but untill they have returned as they always does we are victorious!


sorry sorry sorry, ur president have been quite busy... We are barely holding FI away and we are out of reinforcement but we got a secret weapon, one of the last SHCO-BOMB:s, Much more devastating then the atomic bomb.. Ill try to give me the time to tell you about our victory soon... Ill keep in touch - p

2015-10-02 -


Aron 1st general . fapmaister . the presidents right hand

Karl cleaning squad

lego 2nd general and leader of the cleaning squad

axel dildotester

clobie liutnant

linnea dildo master of testing

buppen president

felix trozoforce co owner

döda fisken dildotester

rorryräser dildotester

papaya aka samuel L jackson chief over the blackslaves department in secret

the black dude dildotester

toasty architect

ch mechanic chief

jacob the presidents best friend and a remembered for his loyality in the court

more coming and getting comfirmed